November 2018
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Many — myself included — bewail the absence of basic personal financial management education in our schools. I, for one, had to rely on my Dad for a few hasty lessons on how to manage a checking account, before I set off for college.

Of course, that was before the Internet. is one site I [...]

An August checklist

August is almost upon us, which traditionally means that we should be watching for seasonal sales on lawn mowers, air conditioners, outdoor furniture, and the like.

But Consumer Reports Money Adviser — a pub I always enjoy receiving on its regular subscription route — suggests that we annually also peg August for …

the month in [...]

Password management (idea #1)

How, in heaven’s name, are we to remember all of our passwords, especially since we’re told (a) not to use the same password for everything, and (b) not to store them electronically? Help us!

In Upgrade Your Life: The Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, Better (2nd edition; Wiley Publishing, Inc.; Indianapolis; 2008), author Gina Trapani [...]

To keep or not to keep?

With tax season finally behind us (most of us), it seems a good time to begin thinning out some of those paper financial records that accumulate with lightning speed. But what can we safely toss?

I’ve read many an article on document retention. One of my favorites — Purge your financial paperwork — comes from MSN [...]